Doing it for you!

Whenever people ask how I started with boudoir photography I tell them how it was really by accident or more accurately a favour.   I was asked to photograph a friend and although it was a first for both of us it became truly eye opening.  The transformation that happened in front of my eyes is still something that I can't find the words to describe.  The photos were meant for a significant other however the experience became one that will always be hers.  This photography is about the real you; the one that the world rarely sees.  There is beauty everywhere and in everyone.  This is your choice, your time to feel empowered, your time to show confidence and vulnerability all at once.

This single event had a profound impact on me as a photographer and changed my focus.  There is nothing more satisfying then when the client see their photos for the first time at the reveal and see the emotions, the joy, and the disbelief on how amazing they truly look.  The secret was they were always amazing and I simply had a chance to show them.  The Best You. For You!


It all starts with a free no obligation in person consultation meeting.  Once all your questions are answered and your session is booked you will be provided with helpful guides on how best to prepare and what to bring.  On your session day you will be pampered including professional hair and makeup application. We will have a three hour photoshoot which is enough time for four looks (wardrobe changes). Standard retouching is included. Approximately two weeks after your session you will attend for an in person reveal session where you get to see and select your photos. 

Session Fee $250

During your in person reveal you will have an opportunity to make your selections for purchase.

Prints start at $125

Packages start at $500