Classic or cheesy. What's the right recipe for the family portrait? 5 Tips to get it right!

So you've decided to hire a photographer and want to capture a family portrait that you will be proud to display for years to come. Deciding what to wear can be stressful but it doesn't have to be. Here are 5 tips to help you and your family to get that portrait that you've dreamed about.

1. Think classic! You should aim for a timeless look that will look great for years.

2. Your children might love that movie that all the kids are talking about but that doesn't mean they should wear a t-shirt with their favourite character. Select a solid colour free from distinctive designs or characters.

3. Choose earth tones such as brown, beige, or grey; dark jewel tones like burgundy, navy, or dark green. A portrait is about the people and not the clothing. If bright clothes are to be included keep it for the children.

4. Coordinate but not match. Try different shades in the same colour palette and keep in mind your setting.

5. Plan ahead. Picture day is not the time to start putting outfits together. Start with a main piece and then build from there. Coordinate from the main pieces so all the members of your family are part of a bigger plan. Ensure everyone's clothes are clean and ready to go and then bring your smiles.