I Can't Take it Anymore! Is it time to upgrade?

That's it! I can't take it anymore. It may actually be time to upgrade my computer.

I've been a happy user of an iMac since 2011. It's been a blessing and probably a curse for the last two years. You see the problem is that it's still dependable. You can watch movies, surf the web, watch as much Youtube as you'd like, answer your emails, and upload your iPhone photos without a hitch. So what's the problem you ask? As a photographer/videographer I rely on software to create images and videos.

I am a member of Adobe Creative Cloud and love the services. However, the software has continually been updated and asks so much more from my computer than it did in 2011. Until recently I hadn't even checked what the minimum requirements for the software had become. All I could tell you was that my experience had become waiting on my computer for far too long and far too often.

I finally took the time to go on the Adobe website and pulled up the minimum requirements and it was worst than I feared. I was actually surprised by how bad it was looking for my beloved iMac.

For even what I thought would be the less intensive programs like Lightroom the minimum VRAM was sitting at 1 GB. Minimum for Premiere Pro is now sitting at 2 GB VRAM. RAM requirement for After Effects are a minimum of 16 GB. I had to go back and figure out what was in my 2011 iMac and again it was worst than I feared. I was sitting at 512 MB of VRAM - no where close to the 2 GB minimum for many of the programs.

Next was looking at the processor requirements. I was looking at a minimum Intel 6th generation for a program like Premiere Pro. I began scouring Wikipedia for the 2011 iMac specs and found out that the processor in my iMac was the Sandy Bridge. So the search continued to discover that the Sandy Bridge chip is also known as being the 2nd generation of the Intel processors.

All Became Clear!

So here I was using a computer that was clearly being overmatched by the latest software I was running. Considering the minimum specifications that I was looking at, it was surprising that I could even run the programs. I give full credit to my computer for lasting 8 years however I was now asking too much. Also very clearly it was time for me to upgrade and so the decision is now made.

The next challenge I now face is what computer to purchase? Do I simply buy a new iMac? Is it time to try out a PC desktop again? Do I build my own computer suited for my needs? How much is this all going to cost!?

Decisions! Decisions!

I'm going to capture this journey and walk you through the decisions that I make. I'll share what it all cost to upgrade my computer and hopefully take a big leap in my productivity and post-processing work.