The Best You!

My Philosophy as a Portrait Photographer

In a world where everyone is carrying a camera in their pocket or purse we must ask, “What separates a professional photographer to the millions of people around the world with their smartphones?”. It’s all about the experience and the feelings that one receives when looking at their photos.



I believe most of us will identify with the concept that we have four versions of ourselves that we show the world.  I’ll further explain what I work for and try to achieve with my portrait work and how that applies with the retouching of photos. 

I can tell you that I have woken up, had my shower, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and put on fresh clean clothes only to look at myself and wonder what’s wrong? That something just doesn’t look right.  I can try as I might but today will be one of those days where I’m just not at my regular self. 

Now on most days we go through our routines and go about our business satisfied with the outside appearance that we are showing.  There’s nothing special about how we feel but we also don’t have any negative thoughts. This is really our baseline with how we look, the outward impression we present, and how we feel.  

Our third version is one that thankfully rarely shows itself.  It is when a parent spends the night awake with their sick child and fell asleep in a chair; The all-nighter of a University student cramming for exams; the day after a very long night of celebrating..


Lastly there’s the version of ourselves where we have an extra bounce in our step, we hold ourselves a little taller,  we feel confident, we feel like nothing can stand in our way, we feel empowered.  Now this is the you that I want to capture. This is the feeling that I want you to have every time you look at your portrait photos. I want you to feel confident, to feel alive, to feel empowered. I want to capture the best you, the true you!

My retouching service follows this same principle.  At the end I want you to see yourself in the photos. To be proud of how you look and how it makes you feel. I will show you examples of before and after retouching services and I know you will be pleased and surprised how small changes can have such big impacts. The end photo will still be a true representation of you, it will simply let your best self shine through.  

Visit my website, visit my social media, and sign up to my newsletter.  Then reach out, call or email, and experience photography where YOU are all that matters!

Here to serve you, Stef St George

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